Creating a mood board

In last week’s blog, I talked about the importance of having a vision board when planning for your renovation or new build. Today I’m going to build on the vision board and take you to the next step of creating a physical mood board that will inform your colour palette.

When you create your vision board, you are giving yourself and your designer the overall style and aesthetic of what you are wanting to achieve. Creating a mood board takes it to the next step by bringing together finishes and textures, in colours, that suit the overall style. By creating a mood board, you are essentially creating your colour, materials and textiles palettes.

How to get started?

I think it is a great idea to have a tray that you can place everything in so you can move all your samples around with you, rather than having to pick things up individually. You can get inexpensive trays from Bunnings and other craft stores.


To start with, print out some of the images you have on your vision board, or find some in magazines that suit the style you are going for.

Colour Palette

Using your images as a guide, start to pull out colours you want to use. For example, perhaps you’re renovating your bathroom and the image/s you have chosen have clear colour consistency. You can bring these out and start to apply them to your finishes.


Start to collate your samples now using the overall colour palette you’ve created from your imagery. Paint samples, tiles, timber, colour samples and fabric samples are all the elements you want to collate for your mood board. This way you can layer the textures and see how they work together.


Now you have your physical samples and colours, layer them on your board and see how they work together. You might decide the colour of the concrete basin you were thinking of using doesn’t really work well with your other selections, so use this time to refine and finalise your selections.

Finished product

Now you have refined your mood board, you now have a very clear vision on your colours, textures and selections for your renovation.

If you need help putting your mood board together, feel free to get in touch with Bec. If you are interested in a mood board workshop on the Sunshine Coast then drop Bec an email and she will let you know when the next one is scheduled.

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