How much is it to style a house?

This a question I’ve been asked quite a lot over the past few weeks and I spoke a little about it in my Instagram stories a few days ago.

It is a great question and it really comes down to how much furniture you need and the type of supplier you’re purchasing from. For the purpose of this post, I will focus on furniture purchased from what I call high street retailers – think Freedom, Oz Design, Lounge Lovers etc.

Let’s start with the most expensive room

Your lounge room is generally going to be the most expensive room to furnish. As a guide I always allow $10,000 for a lounge room, obviously it can be less or more. Let’s break down what you will likely need for your lounge room using this recent project I worked on:

  • Three Seater Sofa from Lounge Lovers - $2,299

  • 2 x Arm chairs from Oz Design - $749 each

  • Side Table from Freedom - $319

  • Coffee Table from Freedom - $699

  • Entertainment Unit from RJ Living - $1,799

  • Rug from Miss Amara - $709

  • Lamp from Adairs - $86.45

  • 2 x Artwork - $859

  • Cushions – supplied by the client

  • Small styling pieces

TOTAL = $7,520


As a general guide, I recommend allowing at least $5,000-$6000 for the master bedroom. Again, it is likely to be the next most expensive room to furnish due to the size and amount of furniture you need. King size bed, two bedside tables, table lamps, rug, artwork then all the bedding as well. Allow up to $5,000 for other bedrooms.

How much should I allow if I’m doing my whole house?

The property I've been using as an example is a two-bedroom apartment with a small media room. The cost for this came in at $33,000 for all furniture and styling pieces, i.e. artwork, rugs, pots, plants and other smaller styling items. Please note this cost did not include dining table and chairs as this was supplied by the client, and do not include any electrical or white goods.

To help give yourself a budget estimate, allow $10,000 for your lounge room and $5,000 for bedrooms. Don’t forget to give yourself an allowance for any other rooms or spaces such as a media room, dining room and kitchen bar stools. This will at least help you to decide whether you need all new items or if you just need smaller styling items for a freshen up.

Need help?

As always I’m here to help in any way I can. Feel free to email, call or DM me on the socials.

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